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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apptio?

Apptio is the leading provider of cloud-based Technology Business Management software that helps CIOs manage the business of IT. Apptio’s suite of applications use business analytics to provide facts and insights about technology cost, value and quality, so IT leaders can make faster, data-driven decisions. Purpose-built applications help companies align technology spend to business outcomes and automate IT processes like cost transparency, benchmarking, showback/chargeback, operational efficiency, and planning.

More than one-third of Fortune 100 companies choose Apptio to help them manage the business of IT. Our customers includes companies like Chevron, Facebook, General Motors, Kaiser Permanente, and U.S. Bank, among many others. 

What is Technology Business Management?

TBM is how modern IT leaders manage their technology business. The discipline of TBM provides a systematic approach to maximizing the value of IT investments by enabling technology leaders and their business partners to collaborate on business-aligned decisions. Relying on cost transparency, TBM defines a foundation for managing supply and demand by enabling financial and performance trade-offs needed to optimize run-the-business spending and improve change-the-business investments.

What is Apptio's application suite?

Apptio’s foundational Cost Transparency product is enhanced with powerful TBM applications that help you align technology spend to business outcomes and automate IT processes like like benchmarking, showback/chargeback, operational efficiency, and planningPowering all of Apptio’s applications is a next generation, in-memory cost analytics platform that takes data directly from all financial, operational, and billing systems, and powers applications that give customers deep insight into cost and consumption.

How do I get started with Apptio?

 Contact us today to schedule a demo, review your data and capabilities to create a TBM roadmap, see your data at work on cost saving opportunities, or request TBM success stories from Apptio customers.

How will I benefit from TBM?

TBM helps you successfully justify, manage and quantify the cost and value of your IT projects and supports key initiatives, whether you're looking to drive greater efficiencies in your data center, manage cloud costs or rationalize your application portfolio. With cost transparency, you can finally understand and communicate your IT costs and consumption, plan efficiently and accurately, optimize cost and investment, and transform your IT business. 

What's Apptio’s relationship to the TBM Council?

Apptio serves as the technical advisor to the TBM Council, which it co-founded in 2012 as a nonprofit organization to define TBM and promote best practices for managing the business of IT. The Council was an outgrowth of Apptio's CIO advisory board, and today has an independent board of directors.

The Council’s Board of Directors comprises CIOs, CTOs and other technology executives from leading global enterprises including Facebook, Cisco, The Coca-Cola Company, DIRECTV, Goldman Sachs and First American, among others. Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta sits on the Council's board and CMO Chris Pick is President.