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Apptio has the knowledge, experience and best practices to guide you on your Technology Business Management journey.

Apptio University Positions You for Success


We make you wildly successful with best-in-class education services, a set of hands-on training to learn how to manage the business of IT with Technology Business Management. Access training on each of our applications in a setting that works best for you, the members of your TBM office, as well as key company stakeholders. Whether you're a new customer or a seasoned veteran, we ensure you will have the knowledge and expertise to be successful.

The instructors at Apptio University are excellent! Clear, concise instructions, and expert knowledge able to answer every question posed – showing just how well they know the Apptio applications and how comfortable they are conveying their knowledge in the classroom. I hope I get the privilege to take another course in the future!

– Alumnus, Apptio University

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Apptio University courses ensure students establish foundational knowledge in Technology Business Management best practices and product-specific expertise, and can quickly apply that knowledge to daily activities. Purchase a subscription to get unlimited access to all of Apptio University’s courses for one year. With a subscription, you get:

  • Unlimited access to instructor-led virtual classes and self-paced videos
  • Conceptual courses on Technology Business Management
  • Technical courses on on configuring and maintaining Apptio
  • Best practices combined with practical application
  • Instructor-led courses delivered via WebEx by an experienced facilitator
  • Courses delivered across multiple time zones to better meet your schedule

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Delivery Options


All-Access Education Pass Options

Instructor-led: Get trained by one of our expert instructors via webinar. 

Self-directed: Access a large library of easy-to-consume, on-demand training that can be accessed via our learning management system.

Private Classes

For companies that want the flexibility of a dedicated instructor, we offer private training options: On-site at your facility where you can learn with a live instructor. Or, take advantage of a live instructor in a remote setting, anywhere in the world.