A simple but powerful question drives IT leaders today: how do you drive more business value?

CIOs have always worked to incorporate new technologies, processes, and behaviors that transform business strategy and competitive advantage. Many are working to translate trends like artificial intelligence, digitalization, and cloud into purposeful initiatives to drive innovation.

IT leaders are forging more collaborative partnerships across the enterprise that open a new line of sight into business value.  As these synergies evolve, teams use Technology Business Management (TBM) to connect the dots between technology and the value it brings to the business.

Welcome to Emerge

Emerge is the place to get inspired by your peers and to learn TBM expertise directly from today’s technology leaders.  TBM enables IT leaders to drive innovation, improve competitive differentiation, and increase shareholder value, while still being tied to the technical debt of legacy support and delivery models.  Powered by Apptio, the founder of the TBM discipline, Emerge shares authentic, real-world experiences of IT leaders at companies large and small. 

What to expect from us

We bring thoughtful interviews that celebrate TBM success.  From Rhonda Gass’ thoughts on Industry 4.0 disruption on the manufacturing floor to Paul Chapman’s reflections on “born in the cloud” culture, we share engaging and empowering stories that show IT delivering business value. 

Emerge takes a position on the best practices of TBM. From fueling digital transformation to reining in cloud sprawl, Emerge takes the best TBM thought-leadership and presents it for comment, inspiration, and education. Hear from industry experts like former Microsoft CIO Jim DeBois and TBM practitioners like Derek Puckett at the State of Washington sharing their perspectives on the most pressing technology issues and trends organizations are wrestling with today.

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