One of the must-attend cloud events of the year is right around the corner. AWS re:Invent, November 26-30 in Las Vegas, is promised to be its largest yet with over 50,000 attendees spanning across seven different properties. It’s an understatement to say that not only will you need comfortable shoes and breath mints, but you’ll want to prep before you go. From Hacks & Jams to Workshops and Parties, the options are almost endless.

Need some help narrowing down the 2000+ sessions to attend or where to focus your time while at the event?

Take it from us! I chatted with some fellow Apptians to see what they’re most excited about and what sessions they are most looking forward to, and here’s what they said:

Sam Fetchero, Director Product Marketing

I’m very excited to be going back to re:Invent again this year. I will be spending my time learning more of the problems companies face regarding cloud migration and automating the optimization of cloud workloads. Sessions I’ll be attending:

  • ARC201 – Effective Cost Optimization for Business
  • ENT206 – Building a Better Business Case for Cloud Migrations
  • ENT225-R – Creating an Effective Roadmap for Your Cloud Journey

Andrew Lee, Application Engineer

This is my first time going to re:Invent and I am very excited to attend! I’ll be focusing my time on attending sessions related to cost and usage of the cloud to learn more about how I can help our customers with optimizing AWS cloud spend, but will also be attending a session about serverless computing with AWS Lambda and another about how we can create a more diverse and inclusive workplace in tech. I’m also looking forward to visiting all the booths at the Expo to see what everyone else is doing in the cloud and seeing the latest in cloud technology from the keynote speakers.

Randy Tennant, Director, Product Management

  1. Hearing about all the new products that AWS has been working on and is announcing at the conference.
  2. Talking with and learning about the various ecosystem partners that have built businesses within the public cloud space.
  3. Attending breakout sessions to how enterprises are leveraging AWS services to innovate and transform.

And while you’re perusing the expo of endless vendors trying to sell you, keep in mind that light saber giveaways, AWS credits, and free Alexa’s don’t compare to the cost savings every company using the cloud (so everyone) could take advantage of by effectively optimizing the costs, usage and capacity of their cloud and on-premises.

If that’s not reason enough to come visit the Apptio booth (#109) at AWS re:Invent, here are some specifics:  

  • Optimize your cloud spend and resources based on consumption
  • Accelerate your cloud migration decisions
  • Get a single source of truth to provide defensible TCO across cloud and on-premises
  • Enable innovation across your organization and drive business value

We will showcase our recently launched new family of applications, Apptio® for Cloud, dedicated to helping IT leaders optimize the cost and utilization of their resources across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises.

Apptio for Cloud helps solve a clearly identified top challenge for organizations – 92% of IT leaders prefer the public cloud to legacy on-premises infrastructure (according to new Apptio research), but cloud investment decisions are still being made in a silo with no reliable data, making it incredibly challenging for IT organizations to have full visibility into cloud resources and a true, cohesive, and cross-functional business strategy around cloud investments, priorities, and migration decisions.

Apptio for Cloud has two offerings: Cloud Business Management (CBM) and Hybrid Business Management (HBM). Learn more and sign up for a free trial.

Whichever keynotes, technical sessions, and after-hours events you end up attending at this year’s AWS re:Invent, we hope you stop by the Apptio booth (#109) to learn about the latest innovations in cloud optimization.