Leading Technology Business Management Company Responds by Launching “Apptio For Cloud” to Increase IT Efficiency and Accelerate Digital Transformation

LAS VEGAS - November 7, 2018 – Apptio, Inc. (NASDAQ: APTI), the business management system of record for hybrid IT, is launching a new family of applications (Apptio® For Cloud) dedicated to helping IT leaders optimize the cost and utilization of their resources across public cloud, private cloud and on-premises infrastructure. These new applications help technology leaders make data-driven investment decisions and gain credibility by linking cloud spending and usage directly to business value.

According to new Apptio research, a vast majority (92%) of IT leaders prefer the public cloud to legacy on-premises infrastructure, but cloud investment decisions are still being made in a silo with no reliable data. Forty-one percent of companies indicated that either IT leaders make decisions about cloud without connection to the rest of the business or business units make their own purchases of cloud instances without IT involvement. Additionally, more than 73% of IT leaders are concerned that cloud sprawl (or ungoverned spending outside of central IT) is an ongoing issue in their organization. This makes it incredibly challenging for IT organizations to have full visibility into cloud resources and a true, cohesive, and cross-functional business strategy around cloud investments, priorities and migration decisions.

 “As cloud permeates the enterprise, we see more and more business units requesting – or simply using – cloud services. Oftentimes, businesses are leveraging multi-cloud as well as existing on-premises infrastructure, and with fractured usage of cloud throughout a business it’s hard to make informed decisions about important IT investments,” said Theo Beack, EVP of Products and Engineering at Apptio. “Apptio For Cloud will empower IT leaders with granular visibility of cloud costs to avoid overrun, provide proactive and actionable insights to optimize resources, supply necessary data to make informed cloud migration decisions, and more.”

Apptio® Cloud Business Management (CBM): Previously called Apptio Cloud Cost Management, this new offering folds in recently acquired FittedCloud capabilities around machine learning and anomaly detection to go beyond cloud costing.IT leaders can now use CBM to increase the efficiency of public cloud spending and slash waste from over-purchase and underuse. In addition, CBM provides:

  • Multi-cloud Visibility into spend and usage across all leading public cloud providers (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud);
  • Fully Burdened Cost of Cloud Allocated to Infrastructure, Applications, Services and Business Units including network, labor, security, reserved instances and third party costs/shared services such as SDE/Agile Tooling, Containers and Micro-Services;
  • Deep Machine Learning Driven Optimization to automate right-sizing, downsizing and volume adjustments in near-real time for AWS (and plans to extend to all major public cloud service providers), as well as identify underutilized resources such as Reserved Instances.
  • Automated Remediation and Anomaly Detection for click through actionable advisories or lights out automation to increase efficiency while avoiding provisioning errors and anomalous spend patterns (currently AWS with plans to extend to other public cloud providers).

Apptio® Hybrid Business Management (HBM): Building on the insights delivered in CBM, this application delivers visibility into total costs of public cloud and on-premises infrastructure in a single view and in a uniform way. HBM helps drive efficiency across your entire enterprise infrastructure and accelerate digital transformation, with:

  • Defensible Workload Migration with an apples-to-apples comparison of cost and capacity across public cloud services (currently AWS with plans to expand to Azure and Google Cloud) and on-premises, with continuous updates to ensure costing is reflective of the latest cloud service provider prices;
  • Single Pane of Glass across the Enterprise with a normalized view of cost and consumption comparisons from public cloud to on-premises infrastructure that enables data-driven investment and optimization decisions;
  • Integration with Private Cloud Providers with costing and optimization data from virtual private cloud providers such as VMware.

“Nearly all CIO organizations struggle to optimize cloud consumption. It’s helpful that there is a growing set of tools to help you learn how to best leverage cloud platform services and how to identify when your use is suboptimal and overly costly. But this guidance would be far more effective if it could give you real-time insights so that no dollars are wasted,” wrote James Staten, VP at Forrester, in a recent blog post on Apptio’s cloud capabilities. “And firms like Apptio that focus not only on what you spend your money on but what projects you are driving and what business objectives you are striving to optimize are delivering substantially higher value.”

Customers can easily get started with either product in Apptio for Cloud, depending on their area of greatest need, and can seamlessly extend the value of Apptio for Cloud to provide corporate showback and chargeback, IT financial management and planning, agile management or benchmarking with Apptio’s other industry-leading products.

Apptio is offering a free trial of Apptio Cloud Business Management so users can see for themselves how easy it is to get up and running and start making data-driven cloud decisions. If you’re interested in a free trial, please sign up here.

Additionally, in the coming weeks Apptio Cloud Business Management will be available for purchase through the AWS Marketplace through AWS Enterprise Contracts.

Apptio Hybrid Business Management is currently in an Early Adopter program, and we anticipate it will be generally available in early 2019. For more information, please visit our website here.

About Apptio:

Apptio (NASDAQ: APTI) is the business management system of record for hybrid IT. We transform the way IT runs its business and makes decisions. With our cloud-based applications, IT leaders manage, plan and optimize their technology investments across on-premises and cloud. With Apptio, IT leaders become strategic partners to the business by demonstrating value of IT investments, accelerate innovation and shift their technology investments from running the business to digital innovation. Hundreds of customers choose Apptio as their business system of record for hybrid IT. For more information, please visit www.Apptio.com.

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