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Quantify Performance of Agile Development


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Maximize Return on Development Investment

by measuring delivery of Agile products and program increments


Optimize Development Effectiveness

by tracking the costs to innovate, evolve, and maintain Agile products


Improve Team Utilization

with visibility into Agile labor spend and composition

“I really feel like if we had not invested in TBM, we would be left behind as a finance function. TBM is our catalyst for change, and we’re becoming the leaders that we need to be–and that we should be–for Allstate.”

– Jeanne Borta, IT Finance Director

Maximize returns
Optimize productivity
Align resources

Maximize Return on Development Investment

Eliminate misalignment between teams and leadership

  • Adjust resource spend to focus on activity that provides the greatest customer benefit
  • Justify funding of current value streams by assessing feature throughput and costs
  • Inform decisions to improve development priorities by tracking feature delivery, backlog, and defect corrections

Optimize Development Effectiveness

Avoid wasting sprints on low value deliverables

  • Drive accountability for development spend and  quality by tracking  feature and defect cycle times and costs
  • Reduce unproductive work by surfacing and evaluating value delivered and backlog against plan
  • Inform decisions to improve quality by tracking  defect rates, trends and costs

Improve Team Utilization

Quit relying on guesswork about resourcing

  • Track capitalized and expensed labor, and identify labor capitalization adjustments
  • Understand team resourcing mix to best support new development, technical debt, and quality efforts
  • Track internal and external labor usage to identify areas of under or over allocation toward Agile initiatives

5 Agile Metrics to Optimize Business Value

Learn how to leverage hard data to track product-aligned investments, Agile team utilization, cost, and value delivery

Digital Business Requires Agile Financial Planning

Learn the importance of transforming annual planning and adopting continuous portfolio reviews to align with Agile


Apptio Agile Insights

Learn how our SaaS solution helps technology leaders quantify the performance of investments in Agile development

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