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Understand and optimize the total cost of cloud & hybrid

Apptio Cloudability

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Bring IT, finance, and the business together to achieve financial accountability

Apptio Cloudability


Fully understand costs and benchmark performance



Take action on machine learning-driven optimization recommendations and improve RI coverage



Continuously improve the unit economics of your cloud


"By increasing our Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance coverage and purchasing reserved Amazon DynamoDB capacity, we have saved more than $1 million."

—Ron White, VP of Engineering at Ibotta

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Unify cloud costs & usage across multiple providers

Eliminate confusion from overwhelming cloud bills

  • Automate ingestion and aggregation of AWS, Azure, and GCP detailed billing into single costing system.
  • Auto-map multi-cloud billing to a standard classification of IT services (e.g. compute, storage, network, etc).
  • Track public cloud spend by application and across development, test, and production environments.

Get an accurate picture of your cloud spend 

Avoid surprises that lead to cloud budget overruns

  • Drive a comprehensive understanding of multi-cloud spend
  • Empower every stakeholder with actionable information
  • Easily detect and view impeding problems automatically

Drive shared accountability with business units

Prevent the business from consuming cloud like it's free

  • Allocate cloud costs to the applications and business units that consume them.
  • Shape demand by providing internal consumers with direct visibility to their cloud costs.
  • Empower app owners with timely insight so they can stay on budget.

Get more for your investment

Stop paying for more resources than you need

  • Optimize with accurate recommendations
  • Shutdown wasteful spending automatically
  • Make the most out of your vendor discounts

Ensure compliance while empowering your teams

Escape the chaos of cloud sprawl

  • Ensure resources are tagged properly
  • Define governance policies to keep teams focused on driving innovation
  • Benchmark your progress to build strategic initiatives

Mapping cloud costs to a standard IT cost model

The Apptio TBM Unified Model® (ATUM®) maps AWS and Azure services to a standard taxonomy so IT leaders can manage their technology business.



The essential guide to building a Cloud Center of Excellence

Download this guide to provide your CCoE with a clear understanding of the cost, utilization, and capacity of your entire cloud portfolio across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and on-premises investments.


Atlassian maximized cloud efficiency at scale

Learn how Australian cloud-based juggernaut optimized their Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance (RI) usage to run their at-scale infrastructure at the lowest rates possible. 


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Apptio Cloudability provides cost and resource optimization capabilities so IT leaders can increase the efficiency of public cloud spending and slash waste from over-purchase and underuse.


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