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Understand and optimize the total cost of cloud & hybrid

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Get the most out of your hybrid IT investments. 

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Compare costs 

Get a single-view of hybrid IT and compare on-premises against costs in multiple cloud platforms.


Optimize spend & resources

Take action on optimization recommendations across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises.


Migrate workloads

Identify and analyze cloud migration candidates and accelerate go/no-go migration decisions.

“Our whole company’s strategy is open hybrid cloud. And we believe that companies of the future are going to survive because they are going to leverage all of the public cloud providers, as well as their own private clouds, and their on-prem solutions.”

—Mike Kelly, CIO, Red Hat

Migration Analysis
Machine Learning

Unify cloud & on-prem costs, consumption, and capacity

Stop looking at your hybrid IT environment in silos

  • Automate ingestion and aggregation of AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-prem resources into a single cost model.
  • Auto-map to a standard classification of IT services (i.e., compute, storage, network, etc.).
  • Understand cost and usage by application across development, test, and production environments.

Migrate to the cloud quickly and efficiently

Reduce the risk of failed cloud migration

  • Create a migration business case based on true costs.

  • Before- and after- comparison of costs for workloads/apps
    re-architected to cloud-native services.

  • Track the impact of migration decisions and course-correct based on actuals.


Machine learning-driven optimization

Slash waste from underutilized cloud resources and stranded on-prem capacity

  • Take action on optimization recommendations from dozens of rule-based and machine-learning driven algorithms.
  • Maximize reserved instance inventory and get purchase recommendations.
  • Optimize your private cloud environment and free stranded capacity.

Drive shared accountability with business units

Prevent the business from consuming cloud like it’s free

  • Allocate hybrid costs to the applications and business units that consume them.
  • Empower internal consumers with direct visibility to their costs.
  • Drive a cost competitive services offering between private and public cloud.

How to prepare for your cloud migration 

The pull towards the cloud is unrelenting and organizations are overwhelmed by trying to plan their cloud migration. Download this white paper to discover the 5 key steps for cloud migration. 

The ultimate cheat sheet for cloud migration TCO analysis

Learn the top 5 reasons cloud migration TCO analysis fails, 3 steps to make quarterly analysis a turnkey process, and how to build trust with a defensible model for ongoing cloud migration. 

Hybrid IT is driving digital transformation

According to a survey of 100 IT leaders, 94% leverage a mix of on-prem and cloud and 73% are concerned about cloud sprawl. View the infographic to see the other key findings.

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