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Optimize IT investments.
Drive greater efficiency.

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Optimize infrastructure investments

by identifying cost driven by underutilized assets.


Rationalize the application portfolio

by eliminating redundancies and driving usage and adoption.

“We like to understand at a really detailed level where we spend our money and how we can optimize the run part of the business, because every optimization we can do can re-inject those savings into a project or an investment. It has totally changed the dialogue with the business. I mean, it’s kind of amazing.”


—Michel Brassart, Sr. Director, Mergers & Acquisitions and TBM, HPE

Data center
Service desk

Optimize server cost and utilization

Stop waste and underuse from flying under the radar

  • Identify servers and platforms that are underutilized.
  • Quantify the cost of unused memory and compute capacity.
  • Migrate and modernize infrastructure by monitoring cost efficiency over time.

Optimize data center cost and efficiency

Eliminate data center waste

  • Quantify the cost impact of unused and underutilized data center assets.
  • Optimize data center space and power consumption by region.
  • Inform decisions on when to consolidate or modernize data centers.

Optimize storage cost and utilization

Avoid using premium storage when basic will suffice

  • Reallocate or re-tier storage based on underutilized capacity.
  • Identify unused storage generating cost and creating inefficiency.
  • Right-size storage needs and tier by service and application.

Optimize service desk cost and efficiency

Reduce focus on low-impact activities and applications

  • Quantify the cost of service desk staff and activities.
  • Monitor service desk costs associated with applications being supported.
  • Take corrective action and prioritize where to focus improvement efforts.

Optimize application cost and usage

Rationalize duplicate or low-value apps

  • Balance application costs with usage across portfolio.
  • Make informed build versus buy decisions.
  • Identify underutilized and redundant applications.

Apptio Infrastructure & Application Insights is made for you

Infrastructure & Operations

Justify infrastructure changes with visibility to comparative unit costs.

Present infrastructure choices to app teams to help them drive down app TCO.

Accelerate infrastructure and app retirement decisions with fact-based recommendations.

Office of the CIO

Prioritize cloud migration opportunities by seeing utilization relative to unit costs.

Continuously optimize infrastructure and app spend and harvest savings to fund innovation.

Provide business partners with cost and quality trade-offs via tiered IT service offerings.

IT Finance

Leverage insights to negotiate service levels and manage business demand.

Make informed build vs. buy decisions for infrastructure and apps.

Maximize return on assets and continuously drive down unit costs.

The CIO's guide to IT cost optimization

Learn the four ways to optimize your IT costs and discover prescriptive questions to make your analysis crisp and your conclusions actionable.


The definitive framework for application rationalization

Discover the eight critical steps for a successful application rationalization.



Mapping cloud costs to a standard IT cost model

The Apptio TBM Unified Model® (ATUM®) maps AWS and Azure services to a standard taxonomy so IT leaders can manage their technology business.


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