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Introducing The Standard Model For IT Costs

The Apptio TBM Unified Model® (ATUM®) standardizes the financial information necessary for IT leaders to manage their technology business.


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It's never been easier to get alignment

The ATUM standard resolves the misalignment around IT cost

We get the problem. You have no shortage of corporate finance data, but it’s Greek to IT. For most organizations, there’s a mismatch of terminology and context that makes it hard to get alignment around technology decisions.

Business Units

I can use my credit card to buy a better service for less money from a cloud provider, so why should I bother with IT?


IT is one of our largest costs and BUs don't see enough value. When can you get a plan that reduces the IT budget?


Business units make wasteful technology decisions and then question my budget. How can I be expected to do more with less?

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ATUM provides the following benefits:

Better alignment between IT, finance, and business units via a standard language about IT costs

Confidence to manage the business of IT with the backing of peer-derived best practices

Easier, more frequent IT cost comparisons with peers via ATUM-aligned benchmarking

Faster adoption of TBM disciplines via pre-packaged software built to the standard

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