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Everything You Need for TBM

Made to Manage the Business of Technology

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Designed for TBM from the ground up – with everything you need to automate the integration of data across sources and apply a standard model to transform raw data into actionable analytics.

Apptio TBM Studio gives you a complete set of capabilities to automate data aggregation across multiple source systems, configure your cost model, and design reports and analytics that your teams need to manage their business. With its project-based interface, Apptio TBM Studio provides an intuitive environment with familiar tools so you don’t need to invest in specialized skillsets to get started.

A Single Unified Solution

Your TBM toolset in the cloud
  • One place for data, modeling and reporting
  • No need for additional 3rd party solutions
  • Minimal startup and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Leverage your existing investments and personnel

Simple to Navigate and Use

No specialized skills required
  • Familiar ribbon-based toolsets similar to Excel
  • Central Project Explorer enabling you to search and find documents fast
  • Drag and drop design interface that lets you compose elements quickly
  • Ability to preview changes before promoting them to production

Size Doesn’t Matter

Fits your present and growing needs
  • Multi-user checkout and editing facilitates collaboration between users
  • Robust data protection and access control by user type
  • Time-period versioning allowing you to track changes over time
  • International currency and format support for your global business needs
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