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Everything You Need for TBM

Made to Manage the Business of Technology

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Designed for TBM from the ground up – with everything you need to automate the integration of data across sources and apply a standard model to transform raw data into actionable analytics.

Find and Assemble Data Fast

Spend less time wrangling data and more on analysis

Apptio Data Studio provides you with everything needed to gather the right data, intelligently transform it, and enhance it over time. Apptio is the only data solution built for TBM users and administrators - no DBA skills required.

Guides You to the Right Data

Data Advisor shows you what data you need and where to find it
  • Identifies required, recommended & optional data
  • Points to common sources that supply data
  • Explains the effect of missing or incomplete data

Works With Any Data

Drag, drop, copy and paste from any standard format
  • Bring in data from any source system; no vendor lock-in
  • Upload spreadsheets via drag & drop or automated schedule
  • Support for standard data formats like XLS, CSV and others

Direct Connection to Common Sources

Automate and schedule data extracts with DataLink
  • Choose from a library of common source system data connectors
  • Bring in data from cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Schedule data pulls to occur on a regular basis

Intelligently Maps Your Data

With built-in transforms, Apptio handles it so you don't have to
  • Built-in transforms clean, validate, de-duplicate, and calculate columns
  • Inference engine discovers relationships between disparate data sets
  • Rule-based mapping organizes costs into standard cost pools and IT towers

Create Data Rules, Step-by-Step

Enables you to rapidly build your data pipeline
  • Quickly build your data operations pipeline
  • Easily rearrange data operation steps with drag and drop
  • Preview results of each step as you build

Accelerate Your Data Quality

Illuminates data gaps so you can prioritize improvements
  • Data quality dashboard reveals completeness and quality of data
  • Highlights the largest data gaps so you can prioritize fixes
  • Measures the amount of unallocated costs and the impact of missing data
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