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Everything You Need for TBM

Made to Manage the Business of Technology

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Designed for TBM from the ground up – with everything you need to automate the integration of data across sources and apply a standard model to transform raw data into actionable analytics.

Follow The Money

The visual cost model engine built on industry standards

Start quickly with a standardized cost model for IT and then use Apptio Model Studio to visually customize allocations and configure a flexible cost model that keeps pace with changes over time.

Visualize the Flow of Dollars

Allows you to follow the money from source to destination
  • Left-to-right illustration of costs flowing through your model
  • Save and share visualizations to communicate cost allocations
  • Customize visualization by attributes, such as application or business unit

Start With a Credible, Defensible Model

Built on standardized cost model for IT

Powerful Modeling Made Easy

Guided configuration of your cost model and allocations
  • Step-by-step, visually-aided model designer
  • Uses IT operational data to route costs by relationship 
  • Easily edit and customize allocation rules and weightings

Allocation Methods For Every Scenario

Supports a broad range of allocation methods to fit any need and data fidelity
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