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Everything You Need for TBM

Made to Manage the Business of Technology

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Designed for TBM from the ground up – with everything you need to automate the integration of data across sources and apply a standard model to transform raw data into actionable analytics.

Analytics That Get Used

Interactive reports that let users drive their own analysis

Apptio Report Studio provides a drag and drop canvas to customize existing reports or create your own. With Apptio, enable your users to find answers on their own, accelerating analysis and decision making.

Bring Your Data to Life

Rich reports and analytics to surface crucial insights
  • Variety of visualization options including charts, graphs, tree maps, and more
  • Instant access to standard analytics and the ability to create your own 
  • Library of KPIs and metrics from the ATUM™ standard

Drag, Drop and Go

Familiar and intuitive tools for report creation and editing
  • Drag & drop to quickly alter existing reports or create new ones
  • Familiar tools such as a modular ribbon with standard formulas and actions
  • Build and reuse common report elements

Zoom into Details with Just a Click

Self-service access to more contextual detail
  • Easily add additional slicers and controls based on commonly requested views
  • Drill down through rows, columns, cells or chart series to obtain greater detail
  • Pivot, slice, drop down, and filter to zero in on relevant views

Choose Your Format

Publish reports and data for broad consumption
  • Access from any browser or device 
  • Export to standard formats such as Excel and PDF 
  • Export via API to other reporting platforms, such as Tableau 

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