By deploying Apptio and changing their approach to the customer, Maritz CIO Gerry Imhoff and team shifted the perception of IT as “just a cost center” to that of a trusted partner. In the process, IT became a preferred provider of centralized service to a decentralized ecosystem controlled by individual business units.

The cost transparency enabled by Apptio helped reduce IT’s budget by 40%, empowering business unit owners to not only see how their consumption drove IT’s costs but also to do something about it.

Download the case study to learn how Maritz:

  • Embedded TBM into the service culture, moving from cost center to business problem solvers
  • Reduced IT spend by nearly 40%, meeting the cost reduction mandate of $18 million
  • Automated cost transparency, eliminating MOASS.xls (the Mother of All Spreadsheets)
  • Self-funded $4M in new technology imperatives over 2 years