With Apptio, the IT finance team at Micron leverages self-service automation to simplify quarterly budgeting/forecasting and the annual budgeting cycle, offering new visibility into budget line items for cost center managers (who previously had no detail). As a result, budget owners are more accountable for accurate forecasts and budget variances. This has helped the team track much closer to target and reduce annual underspend on the CapEx budget to zero.

Download this case study to discover how Micron realized these benefits:

  • Quick ITP implementation: 6 weeks from start to active use
  • Tracking to within 1% of CapEx annual budget
  • Self-service visibility into budgets and forecasts dramatically improves productivity and drives greater accountability
  • Integrating reports into weekly meetings increases accountability
  • Real-time, continuous variance analysis solves end of year “use it or lose it” problem
  • Able to scrutinize outsourced vendor support for optimization opportunities