Your current IT planning approach is probably broken.

CPM, ERP, and BI tools require time-consuming translation and spreadsheets aren't designed for IT financial management which ultimately leads to: time and resources squandered as a result of an intensive manual effort, credibility is lost without agility to respond to changing priorities quickly enough, and key initiatives go unfunded. 

Download this brief to learn best practices to help you free yourself of agonizing manual management of your IT finances in just six weeks and gain confidence that every IT dollar spent is providing business value:

  • Eliminate errors & reduce manual spreadsheet wrangling
  • Stop getting surprised by overspend after it’s too late
  • Don’t let wasteful padding starve innovation funding
  • Break the pattern of low stakeholder buy in & lack of ownership
  • Prevent miscommunications & unspoken assumptions
  • Say goodbye to “set it & forget it” resource budgets
  • Quit suffering from analysis paralysis when circumstances change