CIOs must address a broad spectrum of business demands. On one hand, your IT organization is a utility provider bound to tight operational budgets. On the other, you must partner closely with the business in delivering innovation. To manage the business of IT, you need to choose the right metrics based on your business role.

So, which financial metrics can help you make better decisions for internal financial transparency? Which metrics can you employ for communication with stakeholders in the language they understand?

Our Executive Brief details metrics that IT financial managers must use to foster conversations with business stakeholders. Enable the business to manage different IT objectives such as:

  • Balancing the cost of and demand for IT resources;
  • Delivering services that match or beat the cost and quality of those offered on the open market; and
  • Investing in projects that enable long-term competitiveness and business growth.

In this Brief, we discuss the Technology Business Management (TBM) metrics employed by many of today’s leading IT.

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