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Apptio safeguards cloud initiatives.

“We’re an important service provider, but we’re not the only one our business units use. We need to know how we fit and perform in the marketplace of services and we need to provide that transparency to business leaders to advise them and let them make the right decision.”


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Cloud initiatives get bogged down by thorny issues

Whether you're in the early stages of cloud migration or you've plunged headlong into a cloud-first strategy, you're probably grappling with some common challenges for multi-cloud hybrid IT environments:

analysis paralysis

cloud sprawl

undecipherable bills

Business consumes
cloud like it's free

Shadow IT &
fragmented purchasing

Feature & service

Apptio puts you in control of cloud investments

Hybrid cloud
IaaS & PaaS
Cost recovery
Get the most out of your hybrid IT investments
Stop looking at AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-prem in silos
  • Get a single view of hybrid IT and compare on-premises against costs in multiple cloud platforms.

  • Take action on optimization recommendations across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises.
  • Identify and analyze cloud migration candidates and accelerate go/no-go migration decisions.
Manage & optimize purchase & usage of public cloud
Don't let sprawl and waste lead to billing surprises
  • Understand public cloud costs and usage to avoid surprises and drive accountability.
  • Manage IaaS and PaaS consumption by infra, app, and business units to make better decisions.
  • Optimize public cloud resources by taking action on underutilized and idle instances.
Maximize the value of SaaS investments
Avoid unnecessary SaaS vendor and license costs
  • Optimize SaaS license spend with visibility into fully burdened SaaS costs and usage.
  • Drive SaaS license usage & adoption by right-sizing and reallocating licenses based on actual usage.
  • Proactively manage SaaS utilization to identify SaaS user activities that impact cost.
Automate a bill of IT for cloud consumers
Reign in unchecked sprawl with shared accountability
  • Shape business demand for cloud with automated showback of consumption costs.
  • Calculate and deliver bills automatically via email for easy access and cost recovery.
  • Increase accountability through self-service billing detail for business consumers.
Budget & forecast cloud costs accurately
Avoid cloud budget surprises
  • Align cloud budgets to business demand to maximize efficiency and predictability.
  • Factor cloud consumption and contract terms into multiyear budget planning.
  • Modify budgets and forecasts to see the immediate impact of business changes on spend.

Benefits for cloud initiative stakeholders

Infrastructure & Operations

Accelerate migration to cloud and right-size resourcing to match consumption needs. Avoid cloud sprawl and embrace shadow IT spend with transparency into costs.

Office of the CIO

Adopt a data-driven hybrid IT mindset to balance traditional IT and public cloud models. Accelerate cloud migration and maximize efficiency of public cloud and SaaS spend.

IT Finance

Facilitate adoption of cloud while ensuring efficient public cloud spend. Accelerate the shift to OpEx and variable costs to match spend to business consumption.

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