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Apptio Enterprise Business Management for Corporate Shared Services.

“They were attempting to do HR recruiting chargeback in spreadsheets and they couldn’t keep up. With Apptio they have their own HR business office and a business management approach to providing shared services.”

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Corporate Shared Services Management is struggling to keep up with the pace of change

The current mix of disparate ETL data integration, modeling, and analytics solutions by functions and associated manual processes introduce some common challenges:

Difficult to compare services
to market alternatives

Inability to use recovery
to drive business decisions

Unable to fund
business innovation

Risk of
solution failure

Lack of
financial agility

Siloed cost
management solutions

Single, transparent system for enterprise costing, recovery, and analysis

Apptio’s suite of Enterprise Business Management (EBM) SaaS applications provide traceability and transparency into the cost of services, an ability to set prices to support “arm’s length” transactions with legal entities, and allow IT to deliver invoices to business partners that help align consumption with business strategy.

Apptio EBM solution capabilities


Transparency and traceability into
shared service cost, volume, and
consumption by receiver


Automate showback and chargeback of
shared services to business units


Detailed cost, volume, and utilization
analytics for shared services that
translate data into insights

Operationalize your processes with Apptio

Apptio EBM facilitates an efficient, traceable process for engaging business unit partners around their shared service consumption and choices.

Benefits for Corporate Shared Services stakeholders

Corporate Function
(Shared service provider)

Calculate the TCO of the services in my portfolio, understand where I can optimize to reduce service costs and how I can recover costs from business units based on consumption.

Line of Business Owner
(Shared service consumer)

Understand how the cost of the shared services I am consuming align to my business products, how much I am paying for them, and what levers I have to adjust them.

Corporate Finance


Provide the business with self-service reports to answer allocation questions, reduce manual costing efforts, and automate the traceability of cost flows.

Enterprise Business Management


EBM informs strategic investment decisions at large enterprise financial services company

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Cox Enterprises
takes Apptio beyond technology


UK financial services company uses EBM to cut allocation process time to a few hours

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