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Apptio fuels cost optimization.


“Every single business action requires an IT action. There is no such thing anymore of those two being separate. TBM and the ability to cut cost is helping us switch those dollars to where they’ll matter the most—to the business.”

—Philip Bame, VP of Global Delivery IT, HPE


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Cost savings are often in plain sight, yet seem out of reach

You're probably already running a cost optimization initiative — does it ever really end? You know there are opportunities to save, but your team struggles to identify them and gain buy-in to make the necessary changes: 


Orphaned or
redundant apps

Vendor lock-in
and influence

software licenses

Lack of
modernization funding

Business consumes
IT like it's free

Apptio enables continuous IT cost optimization

Know your true
total costs
Compare to
your peers
infra & apps
Optimize vendor
Optimize SaaS
Gain full transparency into IT costs
Stop making cost cutting decisions on incomplete data
  • Make more informed decisions using a single system of record for IT costs and outputs.
  • Uncover infrastructure cost drivers across network, compute, storage, and data center.
  • Gain buy-in from business units by showing their consumption and potential savings.
Make apples-to-apples comparisons of IT costs
Escape the confines of static benchmark comparisons
  • Compare against companies of similar spend characteristics.
  • Constrast yourself with best- and worst-in-class for each data point.
  • Identify areas of under or over-investment to scrutinize for savings.
Optimize your infrastructure and applications
Stop waste and underuse from flying under the radar
  • Optimize infrastructure investments by identifying cost driven by underutilized assets.
  • Rationalize the application portfolio by eliminating redundancies and driving usage and adoption.
  • Migrate and modernize infrastructure by monitoring cost efficiency over time.
Optimize vendor spend and performance
Avoid overpaying for contracted and outsourced services
  • Optimize vendor spend by surfacing outliers and redundancies.
  • Identify vendor spend occurring outside of purchase order process.
  • Optimize additional resource charge (ARC) and reduced resource credit (RRC) unit variances.
Optimize SaaS license spend
Avoid unnecessary SaaS vendor and license costs
  • Gain visibility into fully burdened SaaS costs and usage.
  • Right-size and reallocate licenses based on actual usage.
  • Proactively identify users nearing thresholds, and services with low or no usage.

Benefits for cost optimization stakeholders

Office of the CIO

Trim run costs and maximize return on every IT dollar through increased transparency into cost and utilization. Harvest savings to fund initiatives with greater value to the business.

IT Finance

Continuously analyze cost and utilization to find and eliminate inefficient resource spend. Compare your costs to industry peers and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

Office of the CFO

Increase efficiency of IT investments to improve bottom line performance. Free up funding to fuel digital innovation that improves operating efficiency and drives top line revenue growth.

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