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Apptio facilitates DevOps & Agile.


“When you’re moving away from time tracking, how do you capitalize? How do you measure productivity? How do you break out CapEx and OpEx? How do you report labor costs? How do you deal with run versus build? TBM allowed us to isolate these costs and present a methodology to our Accounting Standards Board, which they were very excited to see.”

—Leslie Cage, Senior Director, FP&A, Sysco


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Legacy financial systems hinder DevOps and Agile

High performing DevOps teams create competitive advantage by delivering better, faster products, strengthening brand value, and driving revenue growth. But legacy approaches to governing portfolio value and planning project investments fall short, leaving IT leaders like you struggling to keep pace:

build & run budgets

Murky project
capital accounting

budgeting processes

Orphaned or
neglected apps

Budget surprises from
unexpected demand

Business consumes apps
like they're free

With Apptio, maximize the business value of DevOps & Agile

Balance run & grow investment
budget agility
Budget for full project lifecycles
public cloud spend
Share IT spend accountability across dev, infra, ops & BU
Eliminate finger-pointing and lack of ownership for IT costs
  • Align spend by application, service, and business capability
  • Track support costs, volumes, and classifications
  • Identify and rationalize underutilized or redundant applications
Plan & adjust spend at the speed your teams expect
Reduce manual work, avoid budget surprises, and spend smarter
  • Automate budgeting, variance analysis, and forecasting.
  • Create a single source of budget truth for OpEx and CapEx.
  • Modify budgets and forecasts to instantly see impact of changes.
Manage project costs across both build & run phases
Avoid OpEx "hangovers" when projects transition to the run phase
  • Connect "build" and "run" costs in a single system for IT financials.
  • Plan multi-year project costs against IT budgets and resources.
  • Forecast impact of project changes on shared resources and burn-rate.
Optimize purchase & usage of public cloud
Demystify cloud billing, reduce sprawl, and slash waste
  • Auto-map AWS & Azure billing to standard IT service categories.
  • Parse tags to allocate costs to app and business units driving usage.
  • Identify savings from underutilized or inefficiently deployed resources.

Benefits for DevOps & Agile stakeholders

Infrastructure & Operations

Share cost accountability across infrastructure, operations, and development. Drive service level improvements by quantifying support costs by application, service, and business unit.

Office of the CIO

Better align application, service, and business capability investments to business outcomes. Factor both build phase and run phase costs into into project budgets and approvals.

IT Finance

Maintain accurate cost controls while integrating development and operations. Improve budget agility to facilitate rapid experimentation by agile teams, aligned to products and BUs.

The ultimate cheat sheet for application TCO analysis

Plan the full life-cycle of project build and run costs

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