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Apptio is made for
Infrastructure & Operations.

“Hardware was free before TBM. We get to challenge assumptions now that we have metrics. Before, you couldn’t tell what was fact-based or what was emotion-based.”

James LaPlaine — Chief Technology Officer at Red Ventures


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Infrastructure & Operations leaders face tough challenges

Engineering and operating a world-class technology platform is no simple matter. Yet, it sometimes seems easy compared to meeting the demands of the business. They don't understand what you do and couldn't run their business without it, yet they're rarely satisfied. You'd like nothing more than to get ahead of the business, but it's easier said than done:

Endless questions
about costs

Run costs are
an "afterthought"

Business consumes
IT like it's free

Comparisons to
cloud vendors

firefighting mode

Pressure to
do more with less

Apptio is here to help.

Introducing Apptio Cloudability

SaaS software for understanding, managing, and optimizing purchase and usage of public cloud services:

  • Understand costs and usage to avoid surprises and drive accountability.
  • Manage consumption by infra, app, and business units to make better decisions.
  • Optimize resources by taking action on underutilized and idle instances.

Start quickly with just your cloud provider credentials and Apptio does the rest.

Apptio accelerates common initiatives for I&O

Cost Optimization

Continuously analyze cost and utilization to trim run costs and reinvest in modernization.

Compare your costs to industry peers and identify areas of over- or under-investment.

Services Transformation

Accurately plan and measure resource costs based on service demand.

Shape infrastructure demand by showing how consumption choices drive IT costs.


Govern cloud and infrastructure over-consumption and right-size resourcing to match needs.

Avoid cloud sprawl and unmanaged infrastructure services with transparency into costs.


Share cost accountability across infrastructure, operations, and development.

Factor both build phase and run phase costs into into project budgets and approvals.

“I was not happy to be volunteered for TBM. I’ve been an IT guy all my life. I do not have an accounting background. I don’t really like finance. I can’t even balance my checkbook. Now after having Apptio the last few years, I really do not understand how anybody can be a responsible leader in IT without having a thorough understanding of how the business is driving IT cost, and sharing that with the business.”


—Joe May, Service Delivery Manager, LyondellBasell

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