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Apptio is made for
IT Finance.

“Apptio has helped us get back to financial analysis, which is where we longed to be.”

—Stephanie Rendon, Director of Finance, CHRISTUS Health


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IT Finance leaders face tough challenges

You're the lynchpin between technology decision makers and corporate finance. Your dedication to good financial stewardship helps IT make the most of its budget dollars. But it's not easy, and you can never devote enough to the parts of your job where you provide the most value, because the day-to-day minutiae gets in the way:

Manually translating
between Finance & IT

Bad, stale, missing,
inaccurate data

from “flying blind”

Not having answers
at your fingertips

emotional decisions

Time wasted
on ad-hoc analysis

Finally, there’s a better way.

Introducing Apptio IT Financial Management Foundation


SaaS software tailored for IT Finance professionals:

  • Collaborative budgeting, variance analysis, and forecasting that's purpose-built for IT
  • Confidence that every IT dollar is spent on the highest priority items for your business
  • More time delivering valuable insights and less time wrangling spreadsheets


Start quickly with zero capital investment and easy access for your entire team.


Apptio accelerates common initiatives for IT Finance

Cost Optimization

Continuously analyze cost and utilization to find and eliminate inefficient resource spend.

Compare your costs to industry peers and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

Digital Business

Free up funding for digital by eliminating inefficient IT spend and reducing budget padding.

Improve budget agility to facilitate rapid experimentation by digital business teams.

Services Transformation

Communicate the total cost of ownership of IT services to business consumers.

Determine defensible service costs and operationalize showback/chargeback to BUs.

Cost Recovery

Automate the calculation and delivery of a simple “Bill of IT” to business unit consumers.

Integrate with corporate ERP systems to automate chargeback transfers from business units.

ITFM Process Automation

Automate IT finance processes like budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, and cost modeling.

Free up time for your team to provide advisory and consulting support to IT decision makers.

Regulatory Compliance

Support compliance with GDPR by tracking spend on vendors housing company data externally.

Understand SaaS spend and leverage that knowledge in renegotiations in light of ASC606.

“We went from clumsy conversations about whether we had the right numbers to value conversations about what services they needed and which they didn’t.”

—Lisa Stalter, Senior Director, IT Governance, Cox Enterprises

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