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Apptio is made for CIOs.

“Three years ago, 80% of the conversations I had with our businesses were around expenses and my charges to them. Now it’s almost completely about business strategy and how we can help them grow and become more nimble with their customers.”

—Gerry Imhoff, CIO, Maritz


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CIOs face tough challenges

Every day, you deliver projects and services to run and expand the business, but few appreciate the complexity you manage. Business leaders often view IT as a black box of unaccountable, ever-increasing costs, yet they constantly ask for more. You're trying to execute a strategic technology vision, but roadblocks get in the way:

Poor reputation
with the business

"maintain” costs

Decisions based
on emotion

reactive mode

Endless questions
about costs

too slowly

It doesn't have to be this way.

Introducing Apptio Cost Transparency


SaaS software for managing cost and communicating IT value:

  • Make more informed decisions using a single system of record to manage IT cost and output.
  • Speak a common language by communicating in terms the business understands.
  • Demonstrate value to quantify what IT is delivering to the business.


Start quickly with zero capital investment and easy access for your entire team.


Apptio accelerates common initiatives for CIOs

Digital Business

Optimize your run costs and harvest savings to fund digital innovation initiatives.

Quantify the value of IT's digital investments to earn the trust of your business.

Cost Optimization

Continuously analyze cost and utilization to trim run costs and maximize return on every IT dollar.

Compare your costs to industry peers and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

Services Transformation

Understand and communicate value through the lens of IT services and underlying cost drivers.

Drive shared accountability with the business by showing how their consumption drives IT costs.

Hybrid IT

Adopt a data-driven hybrid IT mindset to balance traditional IT and public cloud models.

Accelerate cloud migration and maximize efficiency of public cloud and SaaS spend.

“The greatest benefit of Apptio that I saw in my prior career and that I’ve seen here at KeyBank is that it takes the mystery out of IT costs and really gets to a business conversation.”

—Amy Brady, CIO, KeyBank

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