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Apptio joins elite group of SaaS vendors with FedRAMP certification from JAB and DoD IL-2 certification. Learn more

Technology is at the core of transformation


Connecting IT investments to value can be challenging. Spreadsheets are error-prone and time consuming, while a TBM solution from consultants is expensive and not standardized. Apptio works with hundreds of the world's largest organizations to unlock insights and accelerate mission objectives. Learn how they did it and what is possible when you start to run IT like a business.

Planning & execution
Transparency & insights
Set service rates
Bill for services

Create & update your budget in weeks, not months


  • Automate and eliminate the complexity and inherent errors from spreadsheets.
  • Maintain visibility on a centralized budgeting process with full control for each budget owner.
  • Build OMB-compliant budgets using required TBM taxonomy.
Apptio ITFM Foundation

Spend the appropriation or redirect it—don't lose it


  • Track burndown and identify variances across budget, commitment, obligation, and expense.
  • Identify potential underspend early and reallocate to other projects.
  • Meet OMB reporting guidelines for TBM adoption.
Apptio Cost Transparency

Drive behavior with the right rates


  • Recover costs with service rates based on actual execution or planned spend.
  • Price rates strategically to influence utilization of services.
  • Benchmark your service rates against other organizations.

Professional, consistent, defensible


  • Confidently implement a chargeback or showback model.
  • Eliminate the notion that "IT is free."
  • Improve communication with the rest of the organization based on real data.
Apptio Bill of IT

Federal Government


Federal agencies today are actively modernizing their IT footprint without sacrificing mission deliverables, and TBM is helping to meet these goals. The President’s Management Agenda included funding for a TBM Office in GSA and the OMB provided guidance on how to deliver on these TBM objectives.


Apptio’s portfolio of SaaS TBM solutions has led the market for over a decade. With our recent JAB P-ATO FedRAMP certification, we’re poised to engage and demonstrate value quickly.


GovMatters interview video

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State of Washington case study

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State & Local Government


CIOs live at the nexus of pressure from citizens and legislators. Fortunately they also realize the potential for IT modernization.


Whether it's shared services, cloud adoption, security and risk management, or more, Apptio has spent years helping these agencies make the data-driven decisions that deliver results.

Higher Education


The IT challenges of higher education aren’t different from other public sector organizations—they just have less funding. TBM has proven to be a critical practice for gaining visibility across IT investments and developing a budget based on responsibility centers.


Apptio has worked with prestigious educational institutions around the world to help them run IT like a business.

UPenn Success Story

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