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IT Leaders Need a Business Management System

Apptio pioneered the discipline of Technology Business Management and is the premier provider of TBM SaaS applications.


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Other Approaches Fall Short

Most IT leaders have IT finance reporting today, often cobbled together using general purpose tools or by force-fitting another IT management tool to do something it was never meant for. Joining financial and operational data in a meaningful way is no easy task, and neither legacy approach provides the fidelity or IT alignment required by the modern IT leader.

General Purpose Tools

"When All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail"

General purpose tools were meant for nothing and everything at the same time, and proponents of these tools believe they can solve any problem thrown at them. But managing the business of IT is demanding, and IT leaders inevitably discover that it's hugely expensive to force a general purpose tool to understand either IT or Cost Analytics, let alone IT Cost Analytics.

Spreadsheets are Static & Labor Intensive

So Much Effort and Maintenance for so Little Actionable Insight
  • Hundreds of worksheets to maintain
  • Manual data collection and normalization
  • Copy and paste mistakes introduce formula errors

Business Intelligence Tools are Rigid and Expensive

Costly to build with even small changes requiring a big effort
  • $$$: data warehouse, cube design, report authoring
  • Business inltelligence experts already spoken-for on projects for business units
  • Lack cost allocation engine to distribute pooled costs
  • Often rely on inaccurate estimated rates instead of actuals

Build-it-Yourself: Making it Up as You Go

Seems feasible but grows unwieldy, and inventing your own TBM overlooks the wisdom of others
  • High risk of failure due to lack of TBM expertise
  • Miss out on learnings from industry thought leaders
  • Often grow into never-ending projects

Other IT Management Tools

"Like Forcing a Square Peg into a Round Hole"

Operations Management and Service Management tools are purpose-built for managing the work and operation of IT, but they are ill-suited for managing the business of IT. Though these tools provide important data feeds, when it comes to performing the business analytics required of a TBM solution, they provide only fragmented views of their niche areas, and force IT leaders to "island hop" between snippets of disconnected information.

Service Management Tools: for Process and Work Management

Optimized for help desk, change and project but lack cost analytics and finance methodology
  • Focus on tracking processes and people
  • Workflow architectures not suited for cost analytics
  • Only work with their own data: lock you into their suite
  • Niche process scope ignores cost of other IT functions

Operations Management Tools: Down in the Weeds

Optimized for monitoring, alerting, and provisioning but lack visibility into financial performance
  • Focus on machine data and technology controls, not cost
  • Vendors dabble in TBM to bolster suite, but lack focus
  • Target tactical operations, not strategic leadership

ERP/EPM/PCM Tools: Lack IT Context

General performance and costing tools do not translate well to IT
  • Optimized for finance and bookkeeping functions
  • Lack of IT domain knowledge leads to vague insights
  • Expensive projects to integrate IT operational data
  • Activity based costing can be hard to adapt to IT

Automating IT cost transparency

Drive conversations and collaboration between IT and Finance about the costs, utilization, and operations of all IT Services.



The ATUM poster

Shape conversations with IT, Finance, and Business Unit partners using a common language and information about IT costs.



Why IT needs its own planning tool

Best practices to help you free yourself of agonizing spreadsheet management & gain confidence that every IT dollar spent is providing business value.


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