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Why Apptio?

IT Leaders Need a Business Management System

Apptio pioneered the discipline of Technology Business Management and is the premier provider of TBM SaaS applications.


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With TBM expertise built into our SaaS applications, you won't be blazing your own trail.

Apptio’s TBM methodology is derived from hundreds of deployments and our partnership as co-founder and technical advisor to the TBM Council, an organization comprised of over 3,500 leading CIOs, CFOs, and IT executives. The mission of these modern IT leaders is to shape and define the future of TBM, and we've captured their best practices into standardized capabilities in our TBM applications. 

Get started today with a packaged application, prescriptive guidance, and industry best practices. Start with Apptio Cost Transparency and your costs will automatically be aligned to peer infrastructure benchmarks. Or start with Apptio IT Planning to align IT budgeting and forecasting to your business strategy. Grow at your own pace to include chargeback, capacity utilization optimization, and more.

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Apptio is the Clear Choice

Modular Applications

What sets Apptio apart?
  • Pre-packaged, integrated apps
  • Embedded IT domain knowledge
  • Unified by a standard model
Why does it matter?
  • Don’t risk building it yourself
  • Easy assimilation into existing processes
  • Value in <90 days = Quick wins

Purpose-Built Platform

What sets Apptio apart?
  • Built-in data cleansing & refinement
  • Easy, change-resilient modeling
  • Self-service analytics
Why does it matter?
  • Onboard data without DBA help
  • Evolve without rework
  • Answer questions on-the-fly

TBM Expertise

What sets Apptio apart?
  • 100% dedicated to TBM
  • 250+ customers worldwide
  • Founder, technical advisor to TBM Council
Why does it matter?
  • No conflicts of interest or distractions
  • Unmatched experience = low risk
  • Recognized best practices = best outcome

How Will You Benefit?

IT Finance
Infra & Ops

Modular Applications

Packaged software that drives alignment across IT functional silos without the risk of building it yourself

Purpose-Built Platform

Delivers quick wins and better business agility in a way that adapts to your rapidly-changing business without expensive care and feeding

TBM Expertise

A community of thought leaders, knowledgeable and engaged on the TBM discipline and value of IT

IT Finance

Modular Applications

Automates data and reporting work so you and your staff can spend less time wrestling data and more time on strategic analysis and decision-making

Purpose-Built Platform

Designed specifically to bridge the gap between corporate finance, IT and business units

TBM Expertise

A company and a community with more combined experience in IT finance best practices than any other organization

Infrastructure & Operations

Modular Applications

The fastest way to grow and protect your budget by demonstrating and improving efficiency of your IT investments. Build better business cases faster in a language the business understands

Purpose-Built Platform

Minimizes impact on your existing resources while accelerating your current initiatives with fact based data

TBM Expertise

A company and a community experienced in translating financial, billing and operational data so you can communicate and justify the value of IT

Not Sure Apptio's Right for You?

Common concerns that don't need to hold you back

Is my data good enough?

We know that your data is imperfect, fragmented or incomplete, And that’s OK. Our technology was designed specifically to address your data challenges. You can get started with a few common data sets or automate thousands of data feeds. Our platform takes your data in raw form and transforms it for you.

How long will it take to realize value?

Get quick wins in 90 days or less with Apptio Cost Transparency to justify your project. McKinsey & Co.’s “A Business-Backed Approach to Technology Consumption” reports that basic transparency can help reduce IT run costs by 10-25% with up to 5-10% of potential savings in the first year.

Do I have the right people?

Your team knows your business and chances are they’re already trying to do TBM in spreadsheets. Our applications were designed for them. No need for exotic DBA, ETL, data warehouse or business intelligence gurus.

This sounds daunting...

Leverage our packaged applications and decades of collective IT finance expertise to accelerate your rollout and ongoing success. Apptio’s TBM applications are delivered to you as software as a service, so there are no hardware investments or installation resources required.

I'm in the middle of another initiative...

Accelerate decision-making for your current IT initiatives. Even if you’re in the middle of an ITSM or ITIL project, there’s no better time to get started with Apptio. We can accelerate your initiative with our pre-defined IT taxonomy and service library. Leverage accurate IT costing to speed the success of your service catalog project and get a before, during, and after view of costs to demonstrate the efficiency improvements that result from your initiatives.

More Concerns or Questions?

We're happy to chat about your questions or concerns. An Apptio expert is here to help.


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Need Help Justifying Apptio to Your Organization?

Apptio customers justify their TBM initiative based on these benefits to your business

Better Decision Making

Accelerate business-aligned technology decisions. No other major function in the enterprise runs on spreadsheets; modern IT leaders need an enterprise business management system too.

Cost Savings or Avoidance

Drive cost takeout (e.g., maintenance associated with rationalized applications) and future cost avoidance (e.g., delaying storage purchases) initiatives.

Automating Processes

Automate existing manual processes, especially in areas of data management, reporting, analytics, budgeting, forecasting and billing.

Systems Replacement

Replace a homegrown application for costing or billing, saving money on licensing, software development and maintenance.

Enhancing a Key Initiative

Support initiatives such as cost optimization, private cloud adoption or outsourcing. Apptio’s TBM applications support your existing initiatives that have been approved and funded.

Transformation to IT-as-a-Service

Support a strategic transformation of IT by providing cost visibility at the service level, calculating accurate unit costs and adopting a best-practice service library.

Automating IT cost transparency

Drive conversations and collaboration between IT and Finance about the costs, utilization, and operations of all IT Services.



The ATUM poster

Shape conversations with IT, Finance, and Business Unit partners using a common language and information about IT costs.



Why IT needs its own planning tool

Best practices to help you free yourself of agonizing spreadsheet management & gain confidence that every IT dollar spent is providing business value.


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